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GTM Libra History year 2000 to current date (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

sample image

 Fancy some LED lights

(Now in December 2018 new LED driving lights & headlights.)
then try the following:-
Buy two 12v units from www.dun-bri.com
              2 off - 320.CRL80012v  LED light units               
2 off - CRL800/12v loading units       
or build your own loading units using 6x22ohm 10watt resistors, 3 in parallel each side. These are  needed to  simulate  21watt  lamps  to make the flasher unit  flash at the correct legal speed.
See website:-  www.dun-bri.com/showdetails.asp?id=355
Late 2014 - We have also changed to LEDs, the front sidelights, front flashers, rear fog lights & reversing lights.

Some comparisons

New fog & reversing lights, we always chose to have them
                          in pairs rather than GTM one of each.

The Driving lights have proved easier to deal with than we thought,, some of the heatsink fin needs to be removed to fit in the origional mount/adjustment unit.
We removed the old rusty adjuster bolts very carefully (these ABS mounts are like rocking horse s__t, impossible to find. We have found one very similar second hand for £15)

Simon found these LED driving lamps but they needed a little "adjusting" with a power file to be able to fit them in the mounts.

The driving/spot lamps are available in two styles, the ones on the left (in a white box) are not suitable as the heat sink is too large.
The number on the box in both cases is JG-1001.

The front lenses are different, on the left very little glass etching, on the right, circled, glass is etched.

Comparison of heatsink size, the one on the left will not fit in the standard mounting ring, the one on the right can be adjusted to fit using a power file.

The following 5 photos are of the Metro mounting ring, these are now very rare, if you remove them take great care. We removed the old rusty steel mounting screws (very carefully)  and replaced them with 50mm stainless steel screws, washers and nyloc nuts.
The 5th photo is a  Morette mounting ring which Simon found on Ebay for about £15.  It has a choice of 3 or 4 mounting bolts.

Dec 2018 thoughts have turned to designing an aluminium frame version of the above - watch this space in 2019.
See page 3 for details

November 2018 - Simon has found a possible LED unit which fits in the the 5.75inch Libra mount, a copy of a US unit, but much cheaper.
We have mounted the offside (Drivers side) unit so here are some initial views.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
In the first view you can see the sidelight option (drivers side) as a bar across the centre line, we think this was intended to be a daylight running light, but not having the connections identified (5 wires on LED unit) we think the yellow wire gives DRL, We are not sure so we have not used it !
In the second view, comparison of new and old.
One additional point here, we have removed the Dim Dip module (pink YWC 10050, it has seven pins) and used an old flasher unit to link pins 87 & 30 (we removed the flasher unit components). You could use a wire link with a 1/4" spade terminal on each end.

DimDip Relay

87 & 30  are the two which need linking, all others can be removed.

The finished LED lights Dec' 2018 >>>>>>>

4 Pictures of light pattern

Halogen, single dip beam (NS)

LED, both dip beams
We will be doing some on the road shots soon.

We have used the alloy mounting rings, which Simon designed, for this mod' and used them on the LED headlight conversion.
On the ABS mounting rings we found it better to
remove the spring on the top bolt & use a nyloc nut, fitting the spring on the outside. The bottom 2 bolts were fitted with an additional spring.
We will try to do some drawings.
February 2019 - A new aluminium version is being laser cut,
see page 3 for details


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Photo Gallery

Brake light mode

                                         Brake light & flasher mode

                                               New flashers


New sidelight compared against old sidelight.





old on the left, new LED on the right













LED, single dip beam (OS)

LED, both dip & main beam plus Driving lamps

February 2019 - A slight problem has occured in that we have some radio interference, we have discovered that it only occurs when only the dipped beams are on, on their own.

The dipped beams stay on when the main beam and driving lights are on but the interference disappears.

It looks like the interference is airbourne, powering the lights from a seperate battery does not solve the problem. Need to investigate the radio aerial, may have to fit a ground plane.

Investigations are ongoing when time allows.

1st August 2019: Mot time, tester did not like beam pattern of LED headlamps (although test was not a failure), Simon will replace origional headlights & the search goes on for a reasonable priced headlight unit. *